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MediaTek announces Dimensity 9000+ with performance boost and improved ISP

Image: Mediatek

MediaTek has just uncovered its refreshed flagship chipset. The Dimensity 9000+ is here with a couple of key updates over the 9000. In addition to a 5% CPU boost and a 10% graphics boost, there’s also improvements to the image signal processing and 5G modem.

Building on the success of our first flagship 5G chipset, the DImenisty 9000+ ensures that device makers always have access to the most advanced high-performance features and the latest mobile technologies, making it possible for their top-tier smartphones to stand out.” – Dr. Yenchi Lee, Deputy General Manager of MediaTek’s Wireless Communications Business Unit

The Dimensity 9000+ gets a speed bump on its Cortex-X2 high-performance core from 3.05GHz to 3.2GHz. It still equips the same 1+3+4 setup with three Cortex-A710 cores and four high-efficiency Cortex-A510 cores. The boosted GPU is the Mali-G710 MC10.

From Gsmarena

Pixel 7 Pro leak suggests Tensor 2 might lag behind once again

Image: Google

We already know plenty about the Pixel 7 Pro thanks to Google’s own disclosures and prototypes going on sale online. Now, it looks like we’ve gleaned some more information thanks to one of these prototype devices.

The Google News Telegram group (h/t: Android Police) was contacted by the owner of a bricked Pixel 7 Pro prototype. You’d think that a bricked device couldn’t tell us much, but the group claims that it was able to determine a few details via the boot logs.

For one, the logs suggest that the Pixel 7 Pro will be powered by a Samsung S6E3HC4 display panel rather than the S6E3HC3 panel seen in the Pixel 6 Pro. 9to5Google spotted references to the former panel earlier this year when Google was working to support it in Android. However, the outlet noted at the time that this only seemed to be a “slight hardware improvement.” Either way, it seems like you should expect a newer panel on the Pro phone.

The Telegram group was also able to determine more details regarding the Tensor 2 processor. For one, it claims that the chipset maintains a 2+2+4 CPU layout, consisting of two high-powered cores, two medium cores, and four lightweight cores.

Speaking of the lightweight cores, the logs reportedly suggest that Google is sticking with the Cortex-A55 core as its lightweight core. Chipmakers can’t mix and match Armv8 CPU cores (such as the Cortex-A55) with the latest Armv9 cores (e.g. Cortex-X2, Cortex-A710, Cortex-A510). So this means Google is likely sticking with older CPU cores like the Cortex-A78 and Cortex-X1 if it is indeed using the Cortex-A55.

Sticking with older CPU cores also means that the new Tensor chipset will lag behind current flagship SoCs on paper, and will lag even further behind when rival chipmakers launch 2023’s silicon. We’re still expecting a capable chipset in theory though, especially as the original Tensor processor’s benchmarks showed performance levels between the Snapdragon 865 series and Snapdragon 888 line.

From Android Authority

Samsung launches Galaxy F13 with big screen, 6,000mAh battery in India

Image: Sammobile

After teasing it a few days ago, Samsung has launched the Galaxy F13 in India. It is a variant of the Galaxy M13 that was launched in Europe a few weeks ago. The Galaxy F13 comes with the same design and chipset but offers a bigger battery and takes away the high-refresh-rate screen.

Samsung will sell the Galaxy F13 in three colors—Nightsky Green, Sunrise Copper, and Waterfall Blue—starting June 29, 2022. The phone can be purchased through Flipkart, Samsung.com, and select retail stores. The 64GB variant is priced at INR 11,999 and the 128GB variant costs INR 12,999. You can get a discount of INR 1,000 via ICICI Bank credit and debit cards.

From Sammobile

Motorola Edge 30 Lite render gives us our first look at the upcoming mid-ranger

Image: XDA

In March this year, we first heard of Motorola’s plans to launch four Edge-series smartphones in 2022. At the time, renowned leaker Evan Blass revealed that the company would launch the Edge 30 Ultra, Edge 30, Edge 30 Lite, and a device codenamed Dubai+. Soon thereafter, Motorola confirmed this leak by launching the Moto Edge 30 in some regions. While the company is yet to release any information about the remaining devices, Blass has now shared an image of the upcoming Motorola Edge 30 Lite.

The image (via 91mobiles) gives us our first look at the affordable device. As you can see, it follows the same design language as the Motorola Edge 30. However, it features a textured back panel with a slightly different camera island in the top-left corner. The device appears to have a dual-camera setup on the back with text highlighting the 64MP primary shooter. Its volume rocker and power button reside on the right edge.

From XDA

The Samsung Galaxy S23, S23 Plus could gain an overdue selfie camera upgrade

Image: Android Authority

Samsung finally upgraded the rear camera system on its Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus earlier this year, but the company hasn’t upgraded the selfie camera for a few generations. Fortunately, that might change next year.

GalaxyClub reports that the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus could receive a 12MP selfie camera next year. This will be a resolution upgrade over the 10MP front-facing shooter that’s been in use since 2019’s Galaxy S10 series. Prior to the Galaxy S10 range, Samsung made use of an 8MP shooter.

From Android Authority

This Apple patent suggests new MacBook Pro designs could be pretty wild

Image: Future

Apple has redesigned its MacBook Pro series several times since its original release, but recent patents submitted by the tech giant could indicate where the future of the fan-favorite workstation laptop is heading.

As reported by Apple Insider, this latest batch of patents contain designs for a MacBook Pro that you can wirelessly charge your iPhone on, as well as an innovative ‘extended touchbar’ that reaches around either side of the keyboard

Older patents are also referenced in which Apple discusses altering the entire surface of a MacBook so that it can be used not only to prevent a build-up of dust and debris, but also discusses using the space as an additional touch-control function, allowing users to essentially control the entire surface.

“The proposals described herein are generally directed to electronic devices having an enclosure formed at least partially from a transparent, dielectric material such as plastic, glass, or a ceramic material,” says Apple. “The transparent dielectric material may form a continuous or seamless input surface that may improve the look and feel of the device without having the drawbacks of some traditional device constructions.”

From Techradar

Google will let LGBTQ-plus merchants tag their businesses in Maps

Image: Google

Google is adding a label to Maps that lets people identify their business as being LGBTQ-plus-owned, joining Yelp, which has a similar label. While Google Maps has had labels like LGBTQ-friendly and Transgender Safe Space for years, the company says that the new business identity attribute will help people who choose to support diverse businesses and could help queer people find nearby communities.

Just like with Google’s other labels for Black-owned, Latino-owned, veteran-owned, and women-owned businesses, the LGBTQ-plus-owned label has to be added by the verified owner of the business profile. (It’s not like other Maps metadata, which can be added by community members.) The labels can show up throughout the Google Maps interface, and you can also search for them by typing in “LGBTQ-owned businesses,” for example.

From The Verge

Improve your ZZZs with Fitbit Premium Sleep Profile

Image: Google

Sleep guidance isn’t as simple as getting 7-8 hours rest (everyone is different!) and we have the data to show it through an analysis of 1.87 million sleep logs by a neurologist, sleep experts and research scientists. Supported by sleep science, Sleep Profile analyzes your sleep across 10 key metrics each month, calculates trends and compares them to what’s typical for your age and gender, so you can discover where you have room to improve.

Our research team studied 1,000 different sleep features during its analysis before distilling it down to the key metrics we include in your profile. Ranging from new metrics, including sleep schedule variability, time before sound sleep and disrupted sleep, to previously tracked metrics such as sleep duration, restfulness and REM sleep, these data points portray a holistic month-long view of your sleep patterns and quality. You’ll also be provided with ideal ranges for each metric – and where you fall within each range – so you can consider where to focus your efforts for improvement. These metrics are shown on a monthly aggregate view for the first time (something that’s nearly impossible to replicate in a sleep lab).

From Google

PCI Express 7.0 announced with 512GB/s peak bandwidth

Image: PCI

PCI Expresss (aka PCIe) version 5.0 was first demoed in 2017, but is only now coming to prominence. AMD’s next AM5 socket will support PCIe 5.0, as will Intel’s new LGA1700. A few motherboards and CPUs with PCIe 5.0 are already on the market (e.g. Intel’s Adler Lake desktop CPUs), but not many.

Today the PCI-SIG unveiled PCI Express 7.0, the final specification for which is expected to be released in 2025, while the first PCIe 7.0 devices should hit the market in 2027 or thereabouts. This will be preceded by PCIe 6.0, of course, which we should see start to appear in server parts next year.

For Gsmarena

The people using torrents to talk to Russians about the war in Ukraine

Image: Torrents Of Truth

This man is Kyiv-based journalist Volodymyr Biriukov, one of the volunteers working on Torrents of Truth, a campaign using Russia’s high-traffic torrenting habits to bypass government censorship and inform Russians about Putin’s war in Ukraine. Just six months ago, Biriukov taught journalism to university students in the Ukrainian capital, and hosted hit TV and radio shows such as Kitchen Eurovision and Hit Parade FM-TV.

“The invasion turned my world upside down,” Biriukov tells Mashable. “Journalism is the only thing I’m good at. I started informing the world’s media and journalists about the situation in Ukraine from my bathroom.” For many Ukrainians, bathrooms — windowless and insulated by multiple walls — have been providing relative safety from Russia’s brutal and indiscriminate artillery and bombing campaigns. 

From Mashable

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