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Nvidia RTX 4000 rumor sparks more fears over power usage

Image: Future

Nvidia’s next-gen RTX 4090 flagship could have an eye-opening power usage, at least on the face of it according to the latest rumor – but there’s more to this than meets the eye (as well as some better news further down the RTX 4000 range).

All this comes from a well-established hardware leaker on Twitter, Kopite7kimi, who outlined some purported power details for Nvidia’s Lovelace chips, from AD102 (the flagship) downwards (as spotted by VideoCardz).

The theory, then is that AD102 GPU will have a ‘power limit’ of 800W, which sounds seriously hefty and worrying (and harks back to earlier days of speculation that Lovelace will be very demanding power-wise).

However, what we must bear in mind here is that this power limit refers to the maximum possible wattage for the GPU, and in reality, the rated TDP will be considerably lower than that for baseline graphics cards. We’ll come back to further chew over what this means in a moment.

The better news is that while AD102 is all the way up there at 800W, Nvidia is supposedly dropping a long way with the GPU that’s purported to be the engine of the RTX 4080, with AD103 sitting at 450W (again, that’s maximum possible wattage). AD104 is then pegged at 400W, and AD106 at 260W.

Kopite7kimi also mentions mobile GPUs, with the AD103 and AD104 mobile chips apparently set to run with a ceiling of 175W, and with AD106 mobile we’re theoretically looking at 140W.

From Techradar

Photo confirms the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 will have a smaller crease than the Z Fold3

Image: Gsmarena

Last month Ice Universe tweeted that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 will have a less proanounced crease compared to its predecessor. Now the leakster has photographic proof – a side-by-side comparison shot from the same angle.

The crease on the upcoming foldable flagship does indeed appear shallower. That said, it’s not clear how significant the difference will be in real life scenarios.

According to leaks, Samsung has tweaked the aspect ratio of the internal display of the Z Fold4 – it will be wider and shorter, giving it a 6:5 aspect ratio (vs. 6.2:5 on the current model). The cover display will be shorter too, 23:9 aspect ratio (compared to 24.5:9).

From Gsmarena

BOE resumes production of iPhone 13 OLED panels ahead of iPhone 14

Image: 9to5Mac

BOE resumes production of iPhone 13 OLED panels ahead of iPhone 14.

This will be an important week for the Chinese display maker BOE, as it expects Apple to evaluate its OLED panels aimed for the upcoming iPhone 14 series. If everything goes right, mass production could start soon.

The report by The Elec shows that BOE is in a different position than it was a few weeks ago, as Apple had stopped the iPhone 13’s OLED panel production with the Chinese company due to it changing the circuit width of the thin film transistors on the OLED panels.

Now, the Chinese display panel maker is hoping to receive approval from Apple to start mass production of the panels aimed at the standard model out of the four versions of the iPhone 14 series. If everything goes right, BOE will start mass production sometime between July and August.

From 9to5Mac

Meta beware, Apple’s AR/VR headset is expected to have an incredible display

Image: Shutterstock / Max kegfire

While Apple has yet to unveil its first AR/VR headset to the world yet, there are already rumors about its second-generation headset. If they’re true, Apple’s follow-up mixed reality device could have an incredible display that will put the Quest 2 and PSVR 2 to shame.

It has long been rumored that Apple has been eyeing up microOLED displays for its AR/VR headsets. Back in February, we reported as much, with Apple hoping to use these panels alongside an M1 chip to create a headset that’s slimmer and more energy-efficient than its rivals.

Now reports from Patently Apple indicate that it intends to stick with these kinds of displays for its second headset, though it’ll be making a few upgrades. On a more minor note, Apple will apparently swap from using Sony-made panels to using LG-made panels when its second headset rolls around. LG makes our favorite TVs right now – the LG C2 and LG G2 – so we’re sure it’ll bring its expertise in making these screens when it creates Apple’s headset displays.

From Techradar

Entry-level Realme C30 is official with a big 5,000 mAh battery

Image: Realme

Realme introduced another entry-level smartphone, three months after the C31 arrival. The Realme C30 brings a 5,000 mAh battery and a big 6.5” screen.

The C30 is powered by a Unisoc T612 chipset. It is built on the 12nm process and has an octa-core CPU with two major Cortex-A75 units at 1.8 GHz. At the front, we have an LCD with HD+ resolution and a waterdrop notch for the 5MP selfie camera.

Tere is just one 8MP camera on the back, coupled with a single LED flash.

The phone comes with 2/3GB RAM and 32GB storage but there is a dedicated microSD slot for up to 1TB of extra room for photos, music and other data. The tray also has room for two nano SIM cards.

The phone has a dedicated UI called Realme Go Edition and is based on its Android 11 namesake. It comes with lighter apps that require less power in order to work effortlessly with just 2 GB RAM.

The Realme C30 is just 8.5 mm thick and has a striped design on the back. It has flat sides but on the bottom, there is an unpleasant surprise – a micro USB port that allows charging at 10W. At least there is a 3.5mm audio jack right next to the mic and the port.

Color options are Bamboo Green or Lake Blue. Prices are INR7,499 ($100/€90) or INR8,299 ($105/€100), depending on RAM choice, and sales will begin on June 27 at Realme.com, Flipkart, and offline stores.

From Gsmarena

Motorola Moto Tab G62 appears on the Google Play Console, has a 4G version

Image: Google

Last year Motorola returned to the tablet market with the basic Tab G20, then released the more capable Tab G70 this January. Now the brand is working at a model in between those two – the Moto Tab G62 was spotted on the Google Play Console.

Unfortunately, most details are still under wraps, but we have two model numbers – XT2261-1 and XT2261-2. Looking at the marketing names for the two, it’s clear that the second one will have 4G connectivity.

From Gsmarena

OnePlus Nord 2T to arrive in India on June 27, will cost INR 28,999

Image: Oneplus

The OnePlus Nord 2T is not available in India and so far we have heard practically nothing from the brand about a launch in one of its biggest markets. The latest leak suggested the launch date has been scheduled and it is June 27.

The same report also revealed we’ll see two memory options – 8/128 GB with a starting price of INR28,999 (€355), while the 12GB RAM variant will be INR31,999 (€390).

From Gsmarena

Samsung Pay stops working on non-Samsung phones

Image: Samsung

Samsung Pay is usually associated with Galaxy smartphones. But even non-Samsung phone users can use the mobile payments app, especially those who use a Galaxy Watch device. However, some users have started noticing issues with those use cases.

Users have started reporting that the Samsung Pay no longer works on their non-Samsung smartphones. According to posts on Reddit and Samsung Members forum, some users have started seeing an error message on the Samsung Pay app that says their ID is not valid. That shouldn’t be the case, though.

When some users talked to Samsung customer executives, they said that Samsung Pay will no longer work on non-Samsung smartphones. However, that response must be a mistake as such a huge change would have been announced by Samsung months ahead. Even some Galaxy Watch 4 users have started facing this issue.

From Sammobile

Telegram has launched a paid version

Image: Telegram

Back in 2021, Telegram hit 500 million active users (many thanks to the backlash against WhatsApp). Fast-forward to today, and the messaging app now has 700 million monthly users. So, Telegram is launching a Premium subscription, with hopes of capitalising on its considerable growth.

In a lengthy blog post, the company introduced Telegram Premium, which is priced at $5 per month. The subscription provides a flurry of new features in addition to those that are already available for free.

Among these is the ability to upload larger files — up to 4GB in size — and download files faster. There are also doubled limits for everything in the app: follow up to 1,000 channels, create up to 20 chat folders with 200 chats each, pin 10 chats, save up to 10 favorite stickers, and add a fourth account to the app.

Other Premium tools include unique stickers (some with full-screen animations), unique reaction emojis, premium badges, and voice-to-text conversation.

From Mashable

SpaceX Achieves Incredible Feat Of 3 Launches In 36 Hours

Image: Mashable

With the successful completion of its spaceflight Sunday morning, SpaceX has accomplished three launches in just 36 hours, the fastest sequence of three missions by any commercial launch company in history, according to a report from Space.com.

A two-stage Falcon 9 hauled a Globalstar communications satellite into orbit early Sunday from Cape Canaveral, completing the hat trick for SpaceX. According to Space.com, the first mission happened on Friday when the company launched its Starlink internet satellites from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The second mission on Saturday lofted a radar satellite for the German military from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California.

The success from this past weekend has plenty of space enthusiasts giddy with excitement. It was just seven years ago when the first Falcon 9 core landed successfully, and now SpaceX has achieved three separate launches, on both sides of North America, and recovered boosters on land and at sea. Pretty good for a company that not too long ago was largely associated with failed rocket launches.

From Mashable

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